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How do I brief the designer?

A good brief is the most important aspect of the design process. We cannot stress this enough. It helps us understand your requirement and saves a lot of time.

Some pointers for a good brief:

Tell us about your business, the pain points you are facing, the objective of the design, your target audience, your aesthetic preferences, your color preferences, your budget, your timeline, any definite don’ts. Be as specific as you can and show us any reference pictures that you have. If you can’t put a finger on what exactly you want, don’t worry! Just talk to us and we’ll send you a questionnaire and concept boards made especially for you.

Why should I go for Designical?

We keep up with current design and market trends, and help you arrive at the best solution for your business. We help you avoid the costly trial-and-error and unnecessary fees associated with creative projects due to our knowledge of the industry. Also, our experience in the field will enable us to create custom solutions according to your specific needs.

If you have a unique problem and are not sure what to do about it, talk to us! We love the challenge of creating unique solutions for our clients. Furthermore, we are happy to coordinate directly with printers, web hosting and domain companies, and other agencies – all so you can rest easy while we get the job done.

Why do I need branding?

The market is flooded with great products and services, but what makes customers choose one product over the other? Branding. It’s what makes customers like you, remember you and associate an emotion with you.

Good products need good personalities. And brand identity gives you that.

Can I get a discount if I have more work for you in the future?

If you have multiple requirements, it’s better you place an order for everything together. We give better prices for bigger orders.

Can you visit me?

Absolutely. Book an appointment with us anytime and we’ll be happy to visit you in your comfort zone. You can show us your office, your product/ service. We can even get coffee and get to know each other before you make a decision. Sometimes, just a conversation is enough to  get the design process started!

Are your fees negotiable?

No. Our fees are based on the amount of time and work involved in designing. We do not compromise on the quality of work, so the fees are non- negotiable.

However, payments above Rs 5,000 are broken up in 2-3 instalments, so you don’t have to spend in lump sum.

For big orders, multiple deliverables and repeat clients, we always offer discounted prices. If you have recurring work, please contact us for retainership and we can work out better prices.

How long does a project take to complete?

That depends on the project. We’ll give you a project timeline if you need one.

Normally, after working on one or two projects with you, we’ll understand your sensibilities better and projects tend to take lesser time from then on.

How frequently do we need to be in contact? Do we need to meet in person?

We have regular clients who we haven’t met even once in all parts of India, the US, Dubai and Singapore. As per our experience, after working on one successful project, an understanding forms between us and the client, and it becomes easy to work, irrespective of the distance.

That being said, it’s preferable to meet or do a video call once.

Can we use our own printer / developer/ copywriter?

Yes, some of our clients have long standing, pre-existing printers/ developers/ copywriters that they choose to work with. We are happy to coordinate with your chosen vendors. 

However, please keep in mind that in these cases we will not be responsible for the final execution either.

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